Interview by Jon Pressick

author robin julietThank you, Jon Pressick, for interviewing me for your “Hook-up” feature on Sex in Words.  If you would like to read the entire interview you can here.  Below are some highlights.

What can we call you?

When I write at Off Go the Panties I write under the pen name Panty Parade.  Everywhere else I’m Robin Juliet.

Do you ever aspire to finding someone and settling down?

I aspire to find someone who will love me to my core and never ask me to settle down.

How are you feeling about the reaction to your piece “How to Get Everything You Want from Casual Sex (Without Hurting Anyone)”.

There are two things going on over at The Good Men Project that I find troubling, but overall the experience has been wonderful.  The Good Men Project is incredibly savvy when it comes to social media marketing and getting their word out, and I hope to continue learning from them.  The sex and relationships editor, Jackson Bliss, has been incredibly supportive and open to my ideas. I’m learning so much by being affiliated with them.

What themes and activities are you currently enjoying writing about in your erotica?

I believe the technical term for my writing is dark or gothic erotica.  The couples are not in love, nor do they want to be.  They’re okay with how their lives are working out even though they don’t look anything like a fairytale.

My main characters in Trouble get mixed up in the emotional turmoil that (sometimes) comes with great sex.  Can you love the sex without loving the person?  Some people can and others cannot.  That’s the crux of Trouble.

My second book—I actually wrote a lot of it last spring—is a series of short stories where the emotional (and psychological) undercurrent impacts various couples as they explore their erotic fantasies.  I’m calling it Involuntary Reflex because our gut reactions to lovers are often unintentional—we respond much like a funny bone hit with a mallet.




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